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EVERY THURSDAY 7:30pm - 9pm

(unless otherwise stated) £6

Currently being held in THE SHED, Durrington, Worthing BN13 3HN

but will move to FERRING in the New Year.

No need to book - you can just turn up and enjoy the blending of energy within a group of like-minded individuals.

for anyone who has yet to experiece circle work, we open in prayer, acknowledging the vital role our teachers in the Spirit world play, then take a few minutes to sit in the quiet, usually with thoughts of healing for self and others.

A guided meditation may follow, where sitters will have their own experiences and be invited to share any information, if they so wish.

Psychic exercises are varied from week to week. There are talks, short tutorials, demonstrations and power point presentations to clearly present aspects of development and mediumship, along with relevant handouts.

The group can also have a healthy debate on what working with Spirit means and ask any related questions.

The aim is to develop an awareness of who we really are, our purpose or challenges in life, eliminate fear of so-called death and be free to express our inherent gifts.

This is the most exciting journey you will ever embark upon - THE INNER JOURNEY

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