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The Human Energy System

   The Auric Field

   The Chakras

   The Meridians

Transpersonal Psychology

The Vibration of Colour

The Power of Meditation

The many aspects of Healing

Self Hypnosis (Tools for Life)

An Introduction to Numerology

Developing Psychism through simple exercises

Exploring Psychic Art and Spirit Art

Producing your own Mandala

Understanding Symbology

                                                             ....... and so much more

The Human Energy System

Learning about the Human Energy System, can develop an understanding of HOW YOU FUNCTION, physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. This is an exciting journey of self-discovery and can provide an insight to recognised behaviour patterns.

Reading the Aura

Everything about our life experiences, the way we have processed information, our emotional balance and any health issues, as well as our spiritual potential is within our AURIC FIELD.


However you perceive it, objectively or subjectively, learning how to make sense of the finer vibration, emanating from every sentient being, is a skill which is practised within a supportive group and utilised for the highest good.  

Psychic Exercises

We are all born with PSYCHIC POTENTIAL and even the determined sceptic may admit to 'just knowing' something was about to happen or that the atmosphere in the room had changed.


All MEDIUMS are psychics but not every PSYCHIC is a medium.

The Vibration of Colour

A fascinating relationship with COLOUR extends throughout our life; how we respond to certain colours, why some appeal more than others at different phases and why colours (vibration) can affect our mood.


Experimentation with many different methods will help to establish your understanding of colour. Don't worry - you don't have to be an artist.


Bring out the inner child!


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