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The following are genuine comments from clients, students and colleagues.


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"Utterly exquisite and way beyond anything I ever imagined. By far the best massage I had in my entire lifetime. I was just completely blown away with surprise and joy."

Simon W, April 16


"Christine, Thank you so much for letting me experience something very unique + special. You are indeed a gifted goddess! Bless you, Namaste," 

Andrew M, Mar 11

"Thanks for this evening which was kinda life changing - I literally do feel like a totally refreshed and rejuvenated being - you really do have a gift, so thank you..." 

Andrew, Worthing Feb 11

“Two excellent restful nights on Friday and Saturday …. so grateful for the magnificent pain relief in her back…” 

Martin M, Worthing Dec 09

"Christine's soft and calming approach put me at my ease and I was immediately able to relax. I've experienced many types of massage in many countries around the world but I can honestly say that this was the most amazing massage I have ever had.  I didn't know that I could feel the way I did during and after the massage ... It was outstanding and I will certainly be going back!" 

Stephen, August 09

"Just what I needed, feel very relaxed & calm - perfect!" 

Lyn, Worthing Jan 2009

"I just wanted to say how completely magical the Reiki healing session was with you. I can't really find words to explain but I just felt different and so good. Just a huge thank you!" 

Roz Penrose, Sept 2008

"SCENAR is fantastic - after years of back pain! Massage is the best I have ever had. Would recommend Christine to anyone."
John Austin, Fitness Instructor,
Sidney Walter Centre, Worthing, August 2008

"Absolutely lovely and totally relaxing massage - makes me feel wonderful for days!" 

Tony, June 2008

"A very relaxing massage, as always - helped by Christine's friendly personality and the lovely peaceful surroundings. Thanks." 

Mandi, April 2008

"I feel brand new. Thanks very much!"

Nick, March 2008



"Totally relaxed surroundings, a massage like I've never experienced before - unrushed. Thank you,"

Lee, February 2008

"The most relaxing massage ever. I felt wonderful afterwards. Thank you," Richard, February 2008

"Best massage ever had! Will certainly be returning! Thanks." 

Andy, September 2007

"A truly relaxing escape from the modern world. A very unique experience," 

Darren, July 2007

"A unique and wonderful experience. Totally relaxing. Thank you," 

John, July 2007

"Fantastic, unbelievable, Wonderful! See you soon!" 

Henry, July 2007




"Scenar has made my arthritic knee and hip joints pain free. When I leave, it's like walking on air or having had the joints oiled," 

Gordon Marshall, Eastbourne

"Felt on top of the world since Friday - can't believe the difference! Do want to come again soon. Many thanks!" 

John Chatfield, Plasterer, Worthing

"Thanks again for a wonderful session,"

Sharon Ballard, Hassocks, Nov 2007

"You are a goddess! Thank you very much!"
Roger, Surrey, April 2007

"An extremely enjoyable and relaxing massage. Probably the best I have ever had,"
Kevin Woudman, Burgess Hill, January 2006

"Scenar has been great for scar tissue. Massage fantastic!" 

James Webb, Scotland, January 2006

"Better than Bangkok! Marvellous massage and stretching. I'll be back."
Mrs Charlie Nichols, BHSII Bangkok / Hong Kong, July 2007

"Fantastic mind blowing experience. Can't wait for next time!" 

Jason Jones, June 2007

"Thanks for what you've done for me after suffering for days. What a relief!"
Malcolm Paradine, Farmer, Arundel April 2007

"Wonderful experience - thank you. Finds all the capacity that you've got - and then a bit more!"

Roger H. March 2007

"Best hands this side of Texas! Very relaxing. Recommended." 

Jason Green, Bognor, June 2007

"To Heaven and back. Wonderful. Thank you."

Alan, March 2006

"Very relaxing and professional,"
Richard Lovett, Brighton, East Sussex

"Incredibly relaxing - came in tired and stressed. Went out relaxed and uplifted,"

Peter, Littlehampton

"Five years since my last massage and in one hour those years vanished," 

Peter, Chichester

"A very professional and whole service. I was made to feel very relaxed and comfortable. Highly recommended!"

Dave Adams, Manager & Personal Trainer, REPS Health Club, Worthing

"Rates as the best massage I have ever had. Just chills me out!" 

Mike Cannon, The Pastie Shop, Eastbourne

"Lovely, relaxing massage," 

Dave M., Worthing


Steve S., Worthing April 2006

"Sensational! Amazing hands," 

John Bell, East Sussex

"Thank you for my lovely massage,"
Shirley July, Yoga Instructor, Chichester

"I loved the Reiki, it was so peaceful and Christine's massage is always wonderful. Now I'm looking forward to having Scenar," 

Julie Taylor, Medical Secretary, Bournemouth

"Christine used Scenar to treat my painful shoulder and I was back at work the very next day," 

Philip Black, Easy Rollers Painting & Decorating, Crawley

"Felt wonderful after my massage,"
Natalie Green, Just Nails, Worthing

"Your Scenar device is amazing. The pain in my legs has gone completely. I've got a lot more energy and the wife is happy. I can't thank you enough,"
Mr T., Worthing

"Thank you so much for the gift of Reiki,"

Judi Vaughan, Worthing


"I Just wanted to thank you once again for the marvellous confirmation & upliftment yesterday. Thank you for your wonderful gift,"

Linda Green, Seaford, April 2018


"Of all the mediumship I've experienced (both physical or mental), you to me are the one that stands out on top as the most evidential and the person I now always reference as the most evidential. So thank you for sharing your gift with the world as there are so many out there who claim to provide evidence of the continuation of consciousness, but yours trumps them all,"   

Michael Andrew Mayo, California, April 2015 



"Hi Christine , Had a lovely time with you and pleased to hear from my husband. All the Best,"

Olive Longman, Worthing September 2010


"Hallo Christine, I was at the

Alternativmesse in Bergen 10.10.10, and

you gave me a reading ... my mom is so in

shock when she saw the drawing of her

father. Her sister was also in shock...."

Love from Hilde Merethe Pedersen, Norway October 2010


"Thank you first of all ....Plenty made

sense and having listened to the CD a few

more bits of the puzzle have come together,

including the lady with the painful teeth

which was indeed as you said my mother

in-law.....You have made my belief even

stronger than before that I will see my

lovely wife again.... thanks again you have

given me great comfort in what you told

me yesterday."  Andy C, Worthing, August 2011


"May I say once more

thank-you for the lovely

evidence of soul survival on

Sunday morning.... so clear

and meaningful. Your style of

gentle, positive, clear

presentation made the service

professional yet with a

lighthearted feel,..."

Rita, Worthing June 2009



"Thank you for all your help and guidance. I appreciate the baby steps. Happy travels." 

Marie, California Nov 2016


"Your humor carries the day – you make it all ok – really enjoyed the class." 

Lyn, California Nov 2016


"Thank you so much for helping me break down barriers today. You are such a wonderful, sassy sista! Loved getting to know you!" 

Kelly, California Nov 2016


"The nice thing about picking you is that you already know how fabulous a medium I think you are. You and I both have …a gift of friendship that will last a lifetime! Thank you for all you have done and will do. From the bottom of my heart, you are an inspiration and light that sparks the knowing that we are more than just these bodies. So much love and gratitude to you my love."

Michael, California Nov 2016


"It was truly an honor to be in your class. I learned so much! You are a wonderful, beautiful teacher!" 

Jennifer, California Nov 2016


"Breath of fresh air, loved the “spiritual art,” thanks for your kind honesty. Many blessings."

Stephanie, California Nov 2016


"Thank you Christine. It’s an honor learning from a “light” soul. I admire the/your integrity." 

Shaundee, California Nov 2016


"Thank you! You are a wonderful teacher! You made it fun!" 

Susie, California Nov 2016


"Christine – I truly thank you from the bottom of my heart for being such a teacher and a guide in literally 3 days!! I will forever cherish what you have shown me in such a short amount of time. I hope my relationship with you continues to grow! Beautiful, strong, wise and sassy soul!!" 

Love, Maranda, California Nov 2016


"Thank you for your encouragement and helping in teaching me to connect and vocalize with Spirit. I love your bluntness and get it done attitude. It really pushed me to open up. Thank you!" 

Devin, California Nov 2016

"I want to say how much I enjoyed the evening with you...Linda told me that she was hoping you can come back. I told many friends who wished they could have seen you. I am so impressed. Looking forward to seeing you again."
Margaret, Tonbridge, Kent, May 2016

"I would just like to say a BIG thank you for a fantastic evening on Friday 18 March at Aldwick Royal British Legion. You truly are a gifted lady! Thank you for my 2 messages - my Great Aunt Mary and the one I am sure everyone will remember - my Husband's cousin Nick who passed tragically in the Bataclan Paris bombings. Wishing you all the very best."

Jackie Warren, March 2016

"Thank you for yet again, another marvellous workshop under your superb tutelage. Sending love and gratitude."  Ingrid D, Storrington, Apr 2016 


"Of all the mediumship I've experienced (both physical or mental), you to me are the one that stands out on top as the most evidential and the person I now always reference as the most evidential. So thank you for sharing your gift with the world as there are so many out there who claim to provide evidence of the continuation of consciousness, but yours trumps them all,"  Michael Andrew Mayo, California, Apr 2015


"Thank you so much for the amazing weekend in Oxford. I learnt and experienced so much. Dave says thank you for his spirit portrait of his uncle. He was just speechless so unable to thank you at the time.

I really enjoyed the psychic art class and can;t wait to have a go..." 

Gail Hart xx June 2013




Kjære Pamela.
Det var en STOR opplevelse sist helg 
og jeg er så takknemlig for at du 
arrangerer dette for oss.  Jeg gleder 
meg virkelig til neste gang 
Christine kommer, og til de øvrige 
kursene du skaffer oss i vårt eget 
område. Helen

Dear Pamela,
I had an AMAZING experience 
last weekend and am so grateful to you for arranging this for us. I'm really looking forward to the next time Christine comes, as well as to 
the other workshops you're 
arranging for us here where we 
 Helen, Asker, Feb 2011

Hei Pamela,
Takk for et herlig kurs i helgen 
med Christine Parkin. En av de 
dyktigste jeg har vært borti.
Og jeg har vært på mange 
mediumkurs over en lengre periode.
Gleder meg å få reading av henne i 
April. Og syns vi var en så herlig 
gruppe. Nina

Hi Pamela,
Thank you for a wonderful 
course last weekend with 
Christine Parkin. One of the most skilled teachers I've experienced. And I have been to many workshops in mediumship over a long period of time. I'm looking forward to having my reading with her in April. I think we were a lovely group. 
Nina, Asker, Feb 2011




"..Thank you for the workshop 
yesterday - it was fabulous as 
always. It's lovely to learn and 
have fun at the same time - 
looking forward to the next one,"
Lisa F, Hampshire May 2011

"Hi Christine, It was lovely to
see you again yesterday. Lisa
and I really enjoyed your
 Sue x, Petworth Aug 10

"Just like to say thanks again
for saturday's workshop.
Mum and I really enjoyed it
and are hoping you will do
some more soon,"
 Love Mark xx
Sevenoaks Feb 2010

"Dear Christine & Phil, Thanks
for a lovely day at the workshop. Pat & I both enjoyed it immensely and are lookingforward to the next one in January," 
Carole Ryan, Dec 09

"Hi Philip, my daughter said
you and Christine were excellent
and that you were the best she's
seen. She's really glad she was
able to attend and I cannot
think of a better first medium
for her boyfriend to see. He's
never even set foot in a
Spiritualist church before, so
thank you." 
Mo xxx Kingston, 
Surrey Nov 09

"Hi Christine, Thanks for a
wonderful evening Wednesday
evening and for making me
feel so welcome. I really blended
well with the energies you have
created in that astounding shed
of yours..... Look forward to
seeing you again. Lots of love,"

Darren xxx July 2009

"Thank you for all the weeks I
have been coming to you
because you have given me so
much confidence in myself and
have moved me on in leaps and
bounds.... I just love the
Bev x June 2009

"Hi Christine, I just wanted to
say thanx for a wonderful
evening last night, you made
me feel very welcome & accepted.
I was nervous when you asked
me to stand up and you gave
me the confidence which helped
me immensely.
I hope this to be the beginning
of a wonderful path with you
guys as I am a willing pupil
always wanting to learn &
grow as a person & spiritually
thanx a million,"

Richie xxx June 2009

"May I say once more
thank-you for the lovely
evidence of soul survival on
Sunday morning.... so clear
and meaningful. Your style of
gentle, positive, clear
presentation made the service
professional yet with a
lighthearted feel,..."

Rita, Worthing June 2009

"What a fantastic night!"
Dee, Worthing Feb 2009

"Really enjoyed Monday night
and am looking forward to the
next session - you certainly
have a natural ability to teach."

Sally Sharp, Worthing Feb 2009

"Just wanted to say thoroughly
enjoyed your visit. I liked your
style. It's a shame I don't live
near your classes."
 June Quilty,
Liverpool Nov 2008
(Freedom of Spirit, Rainham, Kent)

"I enjoyed the course very much.
Once or twice it challenged my
comfort zone but once I took
that step forward I did not care
how I looked or how I achieved
it. I felt very comforted by the
whole day and felt energised
and grounded at the end of it,
satisfied that I had done good
work for and with spirit.
All the very best you both for
the time and energy and
dedication. God bless."

Susie xxxxxx
Tenterden, June 2008

"Many, many thanks for today
(Saturday) at the workshop in
Tenterden. I felt so involved
and I thoroughly enjoyed the
exercises and interaction with
the hot waxes. The day held my
attention and it boosted my
confidence and increased my
awareness that I am very
capable of linking with spirit
with conviction. I was sad
though and heavy hearted to
have left you both to go home,
as I enjoyed your company and
the energy that had built up
throughout the day. I look
forward to seeing you both or
individually whenever the
occasion arises again. All the
very best to you both and thank
you for your time and
dedication and belief."

Love and Light, Susie Higgins xx

"Hi Phillip-Chris, thanks for a
lovely day at Tenterden. You
two are great teachers, sweet
and committed, please come
again soon; but why was I so
bushed the next day? Do you get
the same after such a day...
after all you are the ones who
are working? Anyway lots of
thanks to you both. May love
light peace and joy be always
with you,"
 Chris and Gwen xxx

"Dear Christine, I've learnt so
much from you ... I can't wait
to start doing private readings.
God Bless you!"

Love from Dawn X October 2007

"Christine, Thank you soooo
much... with much gratitude,"

Hazel X  2007



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