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Private Readings with Spirit Art


Private readings can help promote a sense of peace for the sitter. Just knowing, through evidential mediumship, that your loved one on the Higher side of life can still communicate their thoughts, their memories and, quite often, their sense of humour, is reassurance for us all that life has purpose and death holds no fear.


I will draw the likeness of someone you know in Spirit and share any information with you. A surprise visitor or a longed-for loved one can 'pop in' for a picture and show themselves at a younger age than when they passed. Well, wouldn't you want to be remembered looking your best?


Sometimes, the communicator might wish to make amends or ask you to be the messenger for another member of the family. Please understand that there can be no promise made as to who will present themselves on the day but it is generally the case that sitters receive what they need, which is not always what they think they want. 


During a one-to-one session, you can relax and enjoy your reunion.


                  07838 257755         






     Please do not discuss any details when you book your appointment.

     There will be time for a friendly chat afterwards.





Wherever you live in the world, providing you have a good internet connection and can understand English, you can have a reading.


Either email or call to arrange a suitable time and details of how to pay will be emailed to you. On the day, you will receive a link, inviting you to join a Zoom session. 


You are welcome to record the sitting.



If you have any questions, please ask!




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