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Hot (& cold) Stones Massage 


Using a full range of special Basalt stones, imported from the mountains of Peru

Thermotherapy is an ancient and effective treatment that works in harmony with the body’s energy.


Its therapeutic benefits can be up to 15 times more effective than an ordinary massage.


COLD STONES used alternately with HOT STONES can noticeably reduce cellulite and tone muscle.


When the body is subjected to heat, the blood and the lymph moves to the surface of the skin in order to keep the inner organs cool. Alternatively, when the body is subjected to cold, the blood and lymph moves in greater volume to keep the inner organs warm.


So, by heating then cooling the body several times in succession we create movement and a pumping effect within the body.


As well as the detoxifying effects, it also contracts the skin pores and increases the tone and elasticity over time. If you have cellulite then it's a good idea to pay greater attention to skin brushing in addition to hot and cold showering in the affected areas.


A course of at least six treatments is advised in most cases to achieve a noticeable improvement.

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