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Christine Parkin CSNU

CThA   ITEC dip.  Reiki Master Teacher  C&G7307
SAMt (Adv)   SCENAR Therapist   CMH   CHyp

Mindfulness, Meditation & Relaxation Instructor
Accredited Medium & Spirit Artist

A special "Thank you" to the many friends and clients who have allowed me to share their healing experiences.   



Christine's experience of massage extends over 25 years. As a competitor, trainer and riding instructor in Devon, the daily  massage of a horse, known as "strapping," proved itself an important part of the regime necessary to improve and maintain hard-earned muscle tone. Using acupuncture therapy to stimulate energy flow and promote healing in a young thoroughbred with a back injury proved so successful that she decided to learn more about the body's natural energy channels, the meridians.

Her initiation into Reiki in 1998 was the beginning of a greater 
understanding, where physical, mental and spiritual knowledge 
found their true place, as one.

Christine became an Advanced Healing Master in October 2000 and Reiki Teacher two and a half years later. She received distinctions in both the ITEC diploma for Swedish Massage in June 2001 and Advanced Seated Acupressure Massage in 2002.


With an introduction to SCENAR in 2004 Christine qualified as a therapist in January 2005 and continues to learn more about the body's natural ability to heal, physically, emotionally and spiritually through her work as an accredited Clinical Hypnotherapist.


Adding other complementary therapies along the way, Christine works extensively to promote an understanding of transpersonal psychology to empower clients and students. 

Christine has been a member of the Complementary Therapists Association, (Embody), (originally known as the Guild of Complementary Practitioners) since 2001 and became a registered non-medical practitioner with the Sussex Nuffield Hospital, Woodingdean, East Sussex in 2004.


She is a member of the UK Guild of Hypnotists and an award holder of the Spiritualists' National Union and is kept regularly updated with new techniques, ideas and therapies, sharing this information with both colleagues and clients alike.

As an International Medium and Spirit Artist, Christine continues to open up new levels of communication between our world and the world of Spirit, through public demonstrations, workshops, talks and private sittings.

A qualified Relaxation, Mindfulness and Meditation Instructor, Christine has returned to the Corporate world, offering a range of On-Site Therapy in the South East.

Currently constructing an educational programme for Mediumship and Spirit Art with an exciting new Spiritual Centre, The Oakbridge Institute, Ca. More to come. 



We are presented with many opportunities for personal growth during our lifetime, often in the form of difficult and emotionally painful challenges. How we deal with those 'difficulties' can ultimately affect our general well-being, our health.


Simply put, it isn't WHAT happens to you that matters so much as HOW you deal with it.


When you realise that your mindset can be the reason why your body is in pain or out of balance, it may be time to acknowledge and release any old emotional issue that no longer serves you.

Employing simple MINDFULNESS MEDITATION & RELAXATION skills have proven successful in reconditioning the mind. Just checking in with how we are, right now, can be hugely beneficial in eliminating stress and brings us into the present moment.

After all, there IS only the present moment.


If we habitually worry about what might happen, we create anxiety, or if we re-live unhappy past experiences, over and over in our minds, we create dis-ease in the body and could limit our potential for success, great happiness and spiritual growth.


it makes it a lot easier to be kind to others.

"All the adversity I've had in my life, all my troubles and obstacles, have strengthened me. 


You may not realize it when it happens, but a kick in the teeth may be the best thing in the world for you." 

Walt Disney

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