Drawing or painting the likeness of someone who has passed to the Higher side of life is Spirit Art whereas Psychic Art is the production of inspired imagery; for instance, magical beings, elementals or energy swirls. 

Here is a selection of Spirit portraits drawn during public demonstrations or private sittings. 

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This was one of my very first Spirit pictures and it came unexpectedly.


Doodling during a lecture, a fellow classmate leaned over and told me that this was a picture of her friend's daughter, Amy, who had died recently. A wave of love washed over me when Amy was recognised - a Thank You from Spirit.


Of course, I gave my colleague the sketch to give to Amy's mother.

Digital Spirit Art

Spirit portraits are drawn on a Wacom Tablet with sensitive stylus and the image seen by everyone on a projector screen.


This technique is being modified so I can draw as quickly with the computer software as I do with good old pencil and paper on an easel.


Prepared skin tone, hair and eye colour palettes will help achieve full colour, life-like pictures in just a few minutes, which can then be emailed to the recipient.

Jorge's Spirit Helper

I cannot deny the Spirit helpers an opportunity to connect with their medium.


Jorge is an exceptionally gifted Spirit photographer and this lively Spirit boy wanted to be known to him.


Over the years, I have drawn many members of Spirit Teams, all working hard to progress a medium's work and often popping up at just the right time. We can all do with a bit of a boost every now and then.

Healing Guide

This gentle soul made his presence known to me in 2005 and has remained a constant source of loving energy.


I am aware of him whenever I work with clients during healing sessions and he invariably washes me in vibrations of the most beautiful deep amethyst hue. 

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