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Whether your specific requirement is treatment of a diagnosed medical condition, to soothe aching muscles or a quest for inner peace, AngelHands provides a range of holistic treatments, all carried out by qualified, professional therapists. 


SHOWERING is available but this facility must be taken within the allotted session time. 


                                        Cancelled appointments - please give at least 24 hours notice


CORPORATE SERVICES by arrangement. Most treatments can be enjoyed within an office environment though your workforce may prefer some degree of privacy for body massage.


Before any initial treatment, a short health questionnaire is carried out in strictest confidence to identify any known medical conditions, lifestyle trends and current needs to ensure that clients receive the best possible care and attention.


We cannot diagnose or advise any change in medication levels. Clients should always consult their GP first.

Swedish Massage

The manipulation of soft tissue can improve skin, muscle tone, the circulatory, nervous and immune systems as well as some body organs, having both a psychological and physiological effect.


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​Acupressure Massage

A sequence of Oriental massage techniques to help improve health, energy flow and reduce tension. Developed from a traditional shiatsu style technique and adapted for use in offices, clinics, shops etc., it is received through clothes, without oils, on an ergonomically designed chair...   read more ...

Hot Stones Massage

Using special Basalt stones, imported from the mountains of Peru, Thermotherapy is an ancient and very effective treatment. Its therapeutic benefits can be up to 15 times more effective than an ordinary massage.

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Reiki Master Healing

An ancient hands-on healing art that was re-discovered and revived by Dr Mikao Usui in Japan at the end of the nineteenth century. Reiki is drawn through the
practitioner to those parts of the recipient's body that require it. The energy is often described as being "warm" and promoting an overwhelming feeling of peace and wellbeing.   read more ...

Scenar Therapy

Self-Controlled Energo Neuro Adaptive Regulation
Rapidly becoming one of the most sophisticated
and powerful healing technologies available. Originally developed for the Russian space programme, the Scenar device uses biofeedback, stimulating the body’s nervous system to generate neuropeptides...


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Allowing the subconscious to engage in discussion with the therapist to find key elements within the psychological framework of life can be the most liberating decision you can ever make. Sessions are strictly confidential and usually last an hour.


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Quantum Magnetic Resonance Analysis

This revolutionary, rapid, accurate and non-invasive spectral testing method provides a 25-point health report in minutes with practical advice on diet and preventative action to maintain homeostasis.


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Past Life Therapy

Are you suffering inexplicable illness, anxiety or fear?

Are you willing to try something NEW?

....or, are you just CURIOUS?



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Multi Layer Healing Blanket

The TMB (healing blanket) is a stand alone treatment; suitable for many chronic conditions

as it will, over time, gently restore energy balance and rejuvenate the body.

Personal hire for use in your own home is available by arrangemnt.

Mindfulness Meditation

The mind can be overwhelmed by taking on numerous tasks and obligations and, consequently, the effects of stress, anxiety or depression, which can result when the pressure becomes too much, take their toll on the body. 

By focusing on the PRESENT MOMENT and applying simple meditative techniques, we can all benefit from a less frazzled life. Your tools for LIFE!

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