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Christine is an accredited medium with the Spiritualists' National Union and works extensively across the UK and abroad to demonstrate and teach Mediumship and Spirit Art. 


Our friends and family members in Spirit often present themselves looking at their best or as they wish to be remembered and this may be during their younger days.


What wonderful proof of survival!


"I do want to say that of all the mediumship I've experienced (both physical or mental), you to me are the one that stands out on top as the most evidential and the person I now always reference as the most evidential. So thank you for sharing your gift with the world as there are so many out there who claim to provide evidence of the continuation of consciousness, but yours trumps them all," Michael Mayo, California 2015


If you are interested in developing any aspect of your mediumship with a group of like-minded people workshops are held in West Sussex on the FIRST SATURDAY of each month as well as various hosting Churches and Centres. 


Click here for details of forthcoming EVENTS     






'MEDIUM' magazine 2009



'MAGIC' magazine 2015


'AWAKENINGS' magazine 2016

Irvine County, California



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