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On probably one of the most miserable Mondays this year, I had a moment of madness.

Not only am I offering a 10% discount on all treatments until the New Year but will be opening my doors at least one day each month for FREE HEALING.

That's right - GRATIS, Nothing to pay, FREE!

BY APPOINTMENT ONLY. Dates to be confirmed.

Throughout many years of working with a diverse range of clients, I have come to realise how important it is to treat the WHOLE PERSON, and not just the presenting condition, which is usually PAIN.

As most of you who have worked with me in the past will know, I believe that the ability to heal is inherent in us all - we just need to rediscover the ability to tap into that potential. Healing is about returning to a state of well-being, WHOLE-ness, HOMEOSTASIS, balance.

We truly are powerful co-creators, a part of the Universe and, If we focus only on what is wrong with our lives, by giving energy to those thoughts we are creating an imbalance, dis-ease, and ill health.

Typically, when someone responds to healing on a cellular level, their whole being changes, undergoing a minor metamorphosis in the process. Are you ready for change?

If you have been suffering with pain (physical or emotional) and would like to receive healing, please call 07838 257755 to arrange an appointment.

You do not have to undress.

If you wish to bring someone with you, they will be required to sit quietly and not disturb the session.

You will be asked to sign a declaration beforehand, giving me permission to treat you and to collate information that may be used to assess results. No information is passed on to a third party and your personal details remain confidential.

Please note that I cannot diagnose any medical conditions or advise you to make changes to your prescribed medication. The onus is on you to discuss any health concerns / improvements with your GP.

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